Spanish Fork Police provide radios to schools

Spanish Fork’s Chief of Police, Steve Adams, presented direct communication radios to the Nebo School Board of Education for every school in the district. 

“It was stated in a news article and I concur, ‘In the race to protect American students from shootings, one of the simplest and most affordable upgrades authorities can make is to put a two-way police radio inside every school,’” Adams said. “Clear and direct communication speeds up the response to life-threatening emergencies.” 

The Spanish Fork Police Department approached the Operations Board of the Central Utah Dispatch Center and asked how to implement this direct communication link through radios in Nebo School District. 

Then came a collaborative meeting between Spanish Fork Law Enforcement, Superintendent Rick Nielsen, and the legal staff. Nebo could see the benefits and without hesitation were on board with the project. 

Several generous people and entities received news of this new direct communication link and expressed a desire to get involved to keep schools safe. 

With the help of generous donations from the community and community organizations, Lieutenant Cory Slaymaker quickly purchased the radios for the Spanish Fork schools. 

He and Kathy Carling, Nebo District’s Risk Manager, met with each of the school administrators in Spanish Fork to train them on the radios as well as policy and procedures. 

They continued to hear much gratitude from the school principals. Carling reached out to the other Public Safety entities to see if they were interested in cooperating with other Nebo schools in the district with this direct communication link. 

At this time, all the radios have been distributed and administration trained. Nebo School District seems to be the first school district in the State of Utah to have this direct communication. (Serve Daily submission.)

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