Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Stitched Up

Love of sewing leads to the opening of Paisley Patch Quilts in Nephi

Nephi just gained a beautiful new quilting shop where residents can go to purchase designer fabrics, patterns, and quilting notions. 

Paisley Patch Quilts, owned by Beth Dunkelberger of Santaquin, is located at 21 North Main Street in Nephi. The shop opened its doors on Sept. 8. 

When I walked into Paisley Patch Quilts, the first thing I noticed was the bright, cheerful color palette. The walls are painted an inviting seafoam blue, and the lightshades feature a pretty paisley pattern. Everything is bright, open and welcoming. Residents of Nephi and surrounding areas are sure to enjoy their time spent in this appealing little quilt shop. 

Dunkelberger comes from a long line of sewing aficionados, and even has her great-grandmother’s treadle sewing machine to prove it. When asked what inspired her to open her own quilting shop, she enthusiastically responded, “I love to sew. My mom started me out on clothes when I was 12 and I made all my clothes through junior high and high school. Even when my kids were little, I’d make them coordinating outfits for the holidays and things like that. When my oldest was about 6 or 7 years old, I made my very first quilt top and I just got hooked after that.”

Dunkelberger also related how much teaching others means to her. She explained with great emotion, “one of the greatest joys in my life is teaching somebody a new skill.” She did this daily during her career as Process Improvement Specialist and Manager for Boeing, and she continues to do so with her new quilt shop. 

The approximately 100-year-old building Paisley Patch Quilts now inhabits had to be remodeled before Dunkelberger could officially set up shop. However, Dunkelberger decided to keep and refinish the original wood floors. 

The project was a large one to undertake, but the end result is a charming shop that feels bright and cheerful the moment you walk through the front doors. 

The front portion of the building is the retail space and features shelves full of high-quality, designer fabric bolts. Gorgeous, hand-pieced quilts line the walls and act as both décor and inspiration. 

Dunkelberger explained that she made all of the quilts herself, except for two. Her mother-in-law made one, and Dunkelberger finished it after she passed. The second one, a “crazy quilt”, was made lovingly by her grandmother out of men’s silk ties about 50 years ago.

The back portion of the shop is a classroom area, where people can come to learn how to sew. Dunkelberger stressed that the shop is for everyone, from beginning quilters to experts. To find information about dates and prices for classes, take a look at Paisley Patch Quilts Facebook page or visit http://www.paisleypatchquilts.com.  (Peterson is a Serve Daily contributor.) 

Shellie Peterson
Shellie Petersonhttp://Ewritingstudio.com
Shellie Peterson is a mom, wife and freelance writer. She currently lives in Santaquin with her husband and daughter. In her spare time, she loves to sing, read, write and spend as much time as possible camping.
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