Welcome to Halloween at Evermore!

Medieval village in Utah County welcomes visitors with unique experience

North of us is the old English village of Evermore. It is a unique personal immersion theme park just east of I-15 in Pleasant Grove. 

Evermore is a Medieval Gothic village with a population of 60 friendly residents. The village has been created in amazing and authentic detail with antique fixtures and furniture. 

The residents (actors and actresses are dressed in period customs of equal detail). In addition to the 11-acre village, Evermore has a production facility a few blocks away with creative artists and engineers from the Hollywood effects industry to create unique costumes and creatures. 

Evermore has the aura of a different time and place and is perfect for seasonal legends, fantasies, and storytelling. For Halloween, the village is decorated with more than 600 carved Jack-O-Lanterns, some arranged in an unusual manor. For example, they have an area of Jack-o-Lantern spiders. 

Along one walkway is a large figure made of Jack-o-Lanterns. A spectacular sight when visiting Evermore is always the statue of the Archangel Michael and during October the steps up to the statue are lined with Jack-o-Lanterns.

They have a Halloween storyline called “Lore” with people throughout the village playing their roles in two versions in different areas of the village. The Magical World of Lore is a family friendly Halloween festival experience. Another area of the village is engulfed in “The Cursed World of Lore.” 

This is a haunted village adventure with character interaction and visual effects. It even has its own original musical score. This program is for village guests 16 years of age and older. 

At Evermore you will find a Halloween experience like no place else on the planet. The Lore Halloween runs every Friday and Saturday evening from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

Lore will be the theme through the end of October. Because of the popularity of Lore, you should set a date that works well with your family, purchase tickets, and “register,” which is simply signing a release of liability form. 

Adult tickets are $15 ordered online. You can order tickets on the Evermore Park website. Email to info@evermre.com or call 385-323-5135.

The world of winter program is called Aurora and is inspired by Charles Dickens. Typical of an Evermore production, the grounds are a massive array of Christmas light displays, village characters and animals are dressed to fit the storyline. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)

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