Larsen Elementary student wins book review contest

Taylor Kivett, fifth-grade student, at Larsen Elementary, won the book review contest on Biblionasium and will receive a full set of books as well as video chat with the author. 

“I’m so excited I won! I think it’s really great because I’m getting more books to add to my collection!” Taylor said. 

“I think Biblionasium is great because you can find new books, enter contests, and start challenges. It’s a great way to log what you have read.” 

“I have my students log into the website Biblionasium to log their independent reading. 

“It’s like a Goodreads for kids. Taylor submitted a review for the series ‘Last Kids on Earth’ when she saw the contest on the website. 

“She won a boxed set of the books, and they will be using her review on their website and on promotional literature. Taylor is an excellent student and deserves the recognition for her accomplishment. I am thrilled for her and hope other students are inspired,” Teri Waite fifth-grade teacher at Larsen Elementary. (Serve Daily submission.)

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