Friday, September 23, 2022

Nebo schools earn gold star for sportsmanship

Maple Mountain and Salem Hills High Schools earned the Gold Star in the Utah High School Athletic Association Sportsmanship Awards. Payson High School also won the Silver Award. 

“We are pleased with the efforts of our student athletes and coaches as they implement the ideals of good sportsmanship as they compete throughout the year. The UHSAA places a lot of emphasis on the ‘Raise the Bar’ sportsmanship program with high school athletes and coaches in the state of Utah,” said Maple Mountain High Athletic Director, Dave Boyack. 

These high school winners received a letter of congratulations, the 2020 Gold Star to hang on their UHSAA School Sportsmanship Banner, an award certificate, UIAAA Director’s Cup points, and recognition through a newsletter, website, and local media. 

“We are proud of our athletes and coaches for pursuing victory with honor in earning their Sportsmanship Gold Star from UHSAA,” said Salem Hills High Athletic Director, Lee Gillie. 

“Every school can be a winner when it comes to good sportsmanship. We encourage all who are involved in high school activities to make the commitment to education-based activities by teaching, enforcing, awarding, and modeling the principles of this new statewide sportsmanship program. We invite all member schools to team-up to raise the bar, sportsmanship matters!” said Rob Cuff, UHSAA Executive Director. (Serve Daily submission.)

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