Springville-Mapleton Chamber welcomes Organa International to community

The Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting at the Organa International Corp. Grand Opening. 

Organa is a manufacturing and retail company which sells natural health products. 

The company opened in 1997 and continues to grow every year without having a sales team and with little to no marketing. 

Liquid minerals are the company’s focal products, such as liquid iron, magnesium, zinc, and silver. 

However, Organa also manufactures a health tea, progesterone cream and a magnesium muscle cream. 

It is sometimes difficult to find a supplement that your body can fully utilize, let alone find one with all the minerals your body needs to function properly. Organa not only fills this need but does so with products which are safe and 100 percent bioavailable. 

For more information please review their website at Organa.net or contact Organa International Inc. at 801-0491-9334. (Serve Daily submission.)

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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