Sunday, September 25, 2022

Time Travelers Bakery prepares to open its doors in Provo

In 2017, Nathan and Cristin Hessing were experiencing an array of health symptoms: full-body pain, chronic fatigue, weight gain, mental health issues, and more. 

These symptoms were exacerbated by gluten, so the then-dating couple set out to find a bread they could eat with no side effects. 

After months of internet research, sourdough classes and experiments in the kitchen, they found the two magic components that allowed them to eat bread without negative side effects: chemical-free whole wheat and double-heavy fermentation. As with all sourdough bread, the probiotics added through the fermentation process “pre-digest” the gluten in the wheat, making digestion much easier on the stomach. Nathan and Cristin made the fermentation process even longer, compounding those benefits. “This bread has changed my life,” Nathan said. “From full-body pain to cutting out nutrients, which led to malnutrition, I’m now healthier than I was before. How could you not share this?” 

As Nathan shared his bread with friends and coworkers, they found that many people who ordinarily couldn’t eat bread could eat theirs with no ill effects. Many people who enjoyed their bread were experiencing conditions such as: General autoimmune disorders; Gluten sensitivity; Hashimotos disease; Wheat allergies; Crohn’s disease; Insulin resistance and diabetes; Ulcerative colitis.

The idea to turn this into a business was budding, but it was clear that running a business from Nathan’s home (a former doll museum with a laptop-sized oven) wasn’t sustainable. That’s when they found The Potluck, a commercial kitchen run by Community Action Services and Food Bank. The Potluck allowed the couple to bake their bread at a much higher volume. They sold their loaves at farmers markets and sent them to homes via their subscription service. 

“There is no way in the world we could have done this without Potluck,” Nathan said. “It has been a complete blessing.” 

With an enthusiastic, nation-wide customer base behind them, they are now ready to move onto the next stage in their business: a brick-and-mortar bakery at 42 West, Center Street, Provo. The grand opening of Time Traveler’s Bakery will be Nov. 7, from 1-9 p.m. In the meantime, Time Traveler’s bread is available at the Sunset Farmers Markets in Springville and Orem. (Serve Daily submission.)

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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