A Fence of a Different Kind

It took John Mecham 21 years and a lifetime of skill to complete his fence, one horseshoe at a time

John Lee Mecham has welded 15,147 horseshoes creating both panels and posts to complete a unique horseshoe fence and archway at his farm. 

This fence is truly one of a kind and is made entirely of horseshoes. There are assorted styles and sizes of shoes, including draft, pony, mule, correctional, antique, and homemade shoes completing the fence. 

At the age of 14, John began shoeing horses with great friend and mentor, Andy Borgeson. 

John collected all of the used horseshoes to begin building a fence in the future. 

Prior to being welded, each horseshoe had the nails removed. John began welding four foot by eight foot panels of horseshoes. Each panel holds a unique design; circles, flowers, rows, hearts, rainbows, and local brands. 

Each panel is welded to either a post of horseshoes or an archway of horseshoes. The horseshoe fence took 21 years to complete. 

When family, friends, and others began to learn of John’s horseshoe fence, many donated used horseshoes. 

The horseshoes in John’s fence are a collection ranging from Wyoming to California, and Arizona to Canada. (Serve Daily submission.)

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Guest Contributor
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