Millet, Warren selected as ALA teachers of the month

Sandra Millet
Sarah Warren

American leadership Academy awarded the December Teacher of the Month to the high school Drama teacher, Sandra Millet, and the Elementary second grade teacher, Sarah Warren. 

Sarah Warren is originally from a small town outside of Nashville, Tenn. She considers herself to be a southern girl at heart. Fluffy biscuits, good manners, and hospitality are things she loves and treasures. 

After completing her undergraduate degree at Tennessee Technological University, she relocated to Utah and promptly married the love of her life, Tad. They have three children who all attend ALA. 

“I love our school; I love the sense of community and the values promoted in our school culture. ALA is a wonderful place to learn and grow.” 

This is Warren’s third year teaching full time.  Teaching brings her a sense of excitement and delight. 

“I realize that our classroom can be a powerful place for your children. They come to school to work, study, and produce – like in an adult workplace. ALA is where children not only acquire knowledge but also learn skills and develop values to help them grow into their fullest potential.”

Sandra Millet has been teaching at ALA for five years. She currently teaches French 1-4, Drama 1-4, Improv and Film. She attended BYU for both her bachelor’s and master’s degree. 

When asked what Millet loves about ALA, she responded, “I love the smallness of the school. We can all share the same inside jokes. 

“I love the students, who are mostly happy to come to school each day, even though they would deny it if you ask them. 

“And I love our amazing Fine Arts department, where incredibly talented artists pour their time and energy into our students.” (Serve Daily submission.)

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