Nebo students recognize veterans in a unique way during pandemic

The Nebo School District’s staff and students celebrated our local Veterans in an unusual way this year because of the pandemic. 

Principal Shanna Walker, at Park View Elementary, came up with this idea when she realized there would be no assemblies. 

“The idea was born because it is important that students gain an appreciation for those who have made it possible for our communities to enjoy our country’s rights and liberties,” said Walker. “Once word got out, the other schools wanted to be involved. It was a group effort between the schools, Payson City, police officers, and fire department.” Shanna said.

“I contacted the police and fire departments to see if this was possible. They were so supportive and excited that we would provide this celebration for the Veterans in our community.”

“The veterans, from Springville to Goshen, rode in 55 vehicles starting at Park View Elementary. Many vehicles were filled with multiple veterans dressed in full uniform with signs on their cars and flags displayed on many of the vehicles. It was all I could do to hold back the tears,” Walker said.

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