Friday, September 23, 2022

New book explores the mysteries of Nine Mile Canyon

Nine Mile Canyon is commonly known for its extensive concentration of prehistoric rock art with more than 10,000 images. It was also a major transportation route between the railroad in Price and the Uinta Basin in the late 1880s. 

Homesteading and ranching in the canyon flourished in that period. Nine Mile Canyon attracted hard working people and a few outlaws looking for opportunities. It was one of the last examples of the classic old west. 

Until recently only four petroglyph sites were marked with signs along the 46-mile Nine Mile Canyon paved road leading to the famous “Great Hunt Panel.” In June of 2020, a couple more sites were marked with roadside signs. Hundreds of other rock art sites adjacent to or near the road are left for discovery by those patient enough to slowly study the canyon walls. Nothing along the road explains or describes the fascinating pioneer history of the canyon.

The new book by Ed and Janice Helmick is intended to be a user-friendly guidebook to Nine Mile Canyon. It is in a mile post format with GPS references to hundreds of features in the canyon and four of its tributary canyons. 

To incorporate the history of the canyon sixty-eight historical notes are woven into the mile post sections of the book. Eight people who were born and or raised in the canyon and were recipients of stories from their grandparents contributed to and reviewed the historical material in the book. 

The prehistoric and historic features of the canyon, plus some beautiful landscape photography are included in 218 images in the photo gallery section of the book.

Discover Nine Mile Canyon is for those wanting to learn more about this amazing place northeast of Price, Utah. The 184-page book with 218 color pictures sells for $29.95 and will only be available for sale locally during the month of December by mail order. 

This would be a great book for anyone interested in the history of the state. Contact to order your book. During the month of December their will be no shipping charge. 

Early 2021 the book will be distributed to book sellers and museums in the region. This is the second guidebook by the Helmicks. The first was a trail guide to 42 trails in the San Rafael Swell. The Helmicks are regular contributors to Serve Daily.

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