Friday, September 23, 2022

The Beauty of January

Winter paints our landscape in white which creates unique contrasts that we do not see in other seasons. Clean snow covering everything gives our world a sanitary look that reminds us of cleanliness and purity. 

The world becomes a contrast of black and white as opposed to the technicolor of other seasons. 

Six or eight inches of snow changes the shape of everything; our car, the picnic table in the back yard, the fence around the house, and the trees with snow resting on top of the branches. However, if you are going to take a picture you had better hurry. 

The initial beauty that caught your eye can change quickly as the day progresses and will soon be available to you only as a memory to be treasured, until the next snowfall. There are more magic moments like this during the winter months than any other time of year.

Clear winter nights are an amazing experience. With almost 15 hours of darkness in January we are blessed with a blanket of snow to reflect the limited light that is available. 

This is most impressive when you are distant from city lights. With a full moon our mountain peaks and cravenness contours stand out against the dark sky dramatically. There is enough reflective light to create shadows in the white snow. 

Another scene to mesmerize you with the beauty of the moment. Give yourself time to absorb the experience and store it in your mind’s eye. 

On a cold moonless night there are a myriad stars, constellations, and planets to take in. The cold stable atmosphere makes for better viewing of the celestial space, another benefit to a January night, 

If you have the time to get out of town, we are close to five National Parks that are not crowded and congested like they are in the warmer seasons. 

Winter lodging rates are more attractive than summer rates. 

The unique and spectacular beauty of white snow covering the red rock canyons, ledges, and juniper trees. Add to that the clear blue sky of a winter day and you have eye candy to be remembered. We are fortunate to have such amazing winter scenery available to us, we just must get out and enjoy it.

Winter is a wonderland season to be appreciated. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)

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