Sunday, June 26, 2022

Wheels with Heart searching for someone in need of a car

At Dickerson Automotive, we are looking to show some love in our community through our Wheels with Heart Program. We currently have a car we are looking to donate to someone in need. 

What is The Wheels with Heart Program? 

From time to time, we end up with cars that need repairs that result in customers choosing to replace the car rather than pay the expense to have the car repaired. 

Some of these cars are worthy of making the necessary repairs and or maintenance required to make them safe, reliable, and trustworthy of putting back into service. 

We have been doing this for a few years now and have even had clients contribute cars for this cause. 

We received a small donation form Odd Fellows in 2020 for this purpose. 

In addition to giving away cars from time to time, sometimes we find someone that could use a hand up with their existing vehicle. 

It is in many ways easier for us to help in this situation as we do not need to produce a car worthy of putting back into service. What makes the best candidate? 

Just about everyone would be thrilled with the idea of receiving a car free of charge. 

But with the expenses that go along with car ownership it can create additional problems depending on the situation they are in. 

With this in mind, great candidates are those that can afford owning a car, but just can’t actually afford to purchase one. 

This could be someone that faced with unaffordable repair expenses with their current vehicle, or possibly need a second vehicle to accommodate their spouse and or children.

In addition to nominating a potential candidate, please consider donating to our cause. 

Any donation will be used strictly to buy the parts and materials necessary to provide this service. Visit our website at to nominate. (Serve Daily submission.)

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Guest Contributor
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