Tuesday, September 27, 2022

When Rivalry Leads to Victory

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Aaron Garcia recently wrestled his way to be crowned the 5A wrestling state champion in his weight class.

Payson High School junior, Aaron Garcia earned another title in the world of athletics on Feb. 18: 5A wrestling state champion in his weight class. Championships are something Aaron is used to, since he has been competing most of his life around the country as an MMA fighter. Wrestling, though, is something he hasn’t spent as much time training for, which made the win that much sweeter.

The competition took place at Wasatch High school in Heber, and Aaron said he knew going in that he would have to fight hard if he would have a chance at taking home the championship title.

“Wrestling is a really hard sport —sometimes I think it’s harder than boxing,” Aaron said. “It is mentally and physically challenging, and I knew I would have to go in with a clear mind and be prepared to face the competition.

That competition would be fierce, especially when it got down to the final match.

“In my final match, I faced a wrestler from Farmington who had actually beat me a few weeks ago in a dual meet,” Aaron said. “We had kind of a rivalry going into the tournament, and I knew that I would have to work really hard for the win.”

Aaron’s hard work paid off when he beat his competition to secure the title of 5A state champion in the 106 pound weight class.

“It felt great to win, because it just shows what hard work can do,” Aaron said. “It also shows how much support I have had to get here, and I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me.” (Brown is a high school junior. He enjoys learning about other athletes and sharing their accomplishments.)

Aaron Garcia takes his place as champion.
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