Local musician’s music video selected as best during LDS Film Festival

Photo by Ed Helmick
Ryan Stream’s music video ‘I Wonder’ was awarded Best Music Video and Audience Choice Music Video Award during the LDS Film Festival.

Ryan Stream’s music video I Wonder was selected as the Best Music Video at the 2021 LDS Film Festival. It also earned the Audience Choice Music Video Award. 

The success of the I Wonder video is a tribute to three men and the intent of reaching out to confront young people about the tragedy of drug addiction.

The awards and attention earned by I Wonder video are a tribute not only to Stream’s work as a musician and motivational speaker, but also to Ryan Palmer and Jeremy Palmer. Ryan Palmer lost his 20-year-old son, Jeremy, to a drug overdose on Aug. 27, 2013, at a party in rural Manti. The video is dedicated to all who have lost their life to drug addiction.

Ryan Palmer wanted to reach out to young people Jeremy’s age with a message of addiction awareness before they end up dying like his son. Palmer realized that music is an ideal way to reach young people, which led him to want to produce and shoot a music video. A friend told him about Ryan Stream, a musician and motivational speaker, who had his own story of drug addiction. Palmer and Stream met for the first time during March of 2020 and began a collaborative effort to capture the attention of young people.

Jeremy liked fast cars and motorcycles. He particularly liked “catching air” on his motorcycle. The video has a stunt motorcyclist doing an awesome jump and summersault over Ryan Stream’s piano on the Bonneville Salt Flats. A new Corvette was used as an example of a fast car. The title of the music video comes from the question, I wonder what Jeremy could have had if he had not died of a drug overdose. There is a wonderful scene in the video with the actor (Bob Sagers) who plays the part of Jesus Christ in several LDS movies that is meant to be in heaven. It is Jeremy’s story of dying, going to heaven and singing to his family.

I Wonder video was first debuted on Sept. 14, in Jeremy’s hometown area at Ephraim City’s Canyon View Park. The video has been viewed more than 9,000 times on YouTube. The LDS Film Festival awards will further increase its viewing. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)

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