Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tabitha’s Way Food Pantry celebrates its many volunteers April 19-24

Tabitha’s Way South Food Pantry will be celebrating its volunteers during the week of April 19 – 24. 

We appreciate their hard work and the time they dedicate to make a difference in our community. 

Volunteering during COVID-19 has not been easy, yet many have joined the Tabitha’s Way team to help us continue to serve those in need. 

In 2020 approximately 20,000 families were served between both food pantries. This success can’t be met without the dedication and excellence of our volunteers.

A big shout out to our current lead volunteers! Faith Anderson, Angie Boswell, Kendyl Cox, Angela Crystal, Cindy Ford, Sarah Huges, Janna Hubert, Avery Krainock, Becky Lamoreaux, Rosie Nelson, Izzy Porter, Lori Reese, Nate Stiles, Polly Van Nosdal, Ruth Williams, and Rayanne Wirthlin. (Serve Daily submission.)

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Guest Contributor
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