A Mother’s Love and Sacrifice

When I was young, my family was not well off financially. In addition to not having much money, very little of our money was budgeted toward meeting the needs of our family.

It was left to my mom to assure that our family of five had all of our needs met, from food to household supplies, to clothing, to entertainment and beyond on a budget of $100 per month. Even back in the 90s, stretching $1,200 a year to meet all of those needs was a nearly insurmountable trial. 

Despite that, my mom moved mountains to make sure we had everything we needed. She took part time jobs, stretched items out long beyond their expected life cycle, and went without her own needs. And she did all of this so incredibly well that I had no idea that we ever did without in the first place. 

As I got older and was better able to recognize the various challenges in our family and in our home, it became impossible for me to not recognize the way that my mother put me and the rest of her children first. No matter the heartache she’s faced or the mountains she’s had to climb, my mom has always put her kids first. I am not alone in these experiences. Nearly every person in the history of the world has had a mother who has loved, accepted, and sacrificed for them.

The dictionary defines mothering as treating someone with great care and affection. While not everyone has a special relationship with their biological mother, whether due to choices or to circumstance, everyone has someone in their life that can fit that definition. Each year for Mother’s Day, we have a special opportunity to celebrate those people in our lives who have chosen to love, support, teach, and nurture us through life.

If I may, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind us all of a few reasons that we should appreciate the mothers in our lives.

Mothers belong to a very small group of people who can know every bad thing about us, and still love and accept us.

Mothers are willing to go without genuine necessities to provide outrageous frivolities for their children.

Mothers are willing to see how bad we are at different hobbies and still keep paying for lessons, classes, fees, or other expenses.

Mothers are regularly willing to prepare a nice hot meal, and not get a single bite of it while it’s warm.

Mothers will go to every match, game, or event, and watch us strike out, miss, fall, or otherwise fail, and still make us feel like an all-star after it’s all over.

Mothers become experts on things that they don’t know or care about at all because we’re interested in them, and they want to help us.

Mothers endure years of discomfort in pregnancy, nursing, and caring for us just so that we can tell them we hate them or say otherwise mean and hurtful things when we’re small (or even when we aren’t).

Mothers put significant time and effort into mending things, cleaning things, and caring for things that we won’t even recognize or appreciate until we’re on our own and have to do them ourselves.

Mothers will answer our panicked phone calls in the middle of the night without skipping a beat because we’re on our own now and don’t know how to handle something.

This month, as we celebrate the mothers in our lives, may we all take extra time to ponder, recognize, and appreciate them, and all the ways that they have blessed our lives, and to find a special way to say thank you. Whether it is through gifts, letters, words, service, or other means, our efforts to show our gratitude will be a small drop in the bucket to repay all that they have done and will continue to do for us.

We would love to hear stories and experiences from our readers about the mothers in their lives! Please head over to servedaily.com/mothers and share them with us! (Wood is a Serve Daily contributor.)

Casey Wood
Casey Wood
Casey Wood is a self described super-nerd who spends his days working as an engineer in the aerospace industry. He previously served as a writer, sports reporter and photographer, and columnist for a community newspaper, and loves to share his passions through the written word. Casey is a new father, and adores his family more than any other thing. He loves fantasy and science fiction, especially Star Wars. He also loves video games, technology, Lego, fishing, and everything in between.

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