Soccer high school seniors leave their mark

Once again, seniors from the Spanish Fork High School girls soccer program have celebrated the end of their season with a service project. 

This has become a tradition for the soccer team, establishing a way for the players to leave the program a little better than when they arrived. 

“Senior service is such a fun way of showing our school pride, our appreciation for the soccer program and the hope that we have for the future players,” said Senior Lily Ricks. 

This year the project was to make the SF logo into wooden field stencils that can be used to paint on the field. 

“This field has been a place of a lot of great moments and memories. It is cool to be able to leave our mark on it,” said player Maddie Haugen. 

With the help of coaches, teachers, parents and friends, the group came up with a plan to execute the design, construction and application of the project. 

Senior Lindsey Blake shared, “It was fun to see our idea and vision become a reality. Hopefully the stencils will be able to be used for a long time,” said Senior Lindsey Blake. 

After the inaugural field painting player Addie McLean declared, “I’m happy with how the project turned out. I like how it shows that we were here, that we love this place and even though we are now moving on, Spanish Fork High School will always be a special place for each of us.” (Serve Daily submission.)

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