Camp Eagle Summer School educates, entertains Native American youth

First week of Camp Eagle Summer School has started with an amazing group of Native American youth. 

The theme this summer is “Healing through the concept of Hozho” which means beauty, positivity, tranquility, balance, and order. 

The camp has a focus to heal our mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and environmental components of wellbeing. Some of the specialties offered include: 

Students will be learning Math concepts through cutting, quilting, and sewing Native American Star blankets and quilts with geometric designs with Shoshana Begay. 

Students will be running, dancing, learning about nutrition through growing and cooking traditional food recipes with Analysa Allison in Health class. 

Jethro Gillespie is teaching art classes where students can create and express their ideas for healing with hands-on activities.

Julie Cruz is working with parents on how to pattern, cut and sew together a tribal dance outfit so that every student is ready and can be an active participant in the Pow Wow on June 25. (Serve Daily submission.)

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