Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Stay on Track this Summer by Choosing Healthy Alternatives

Summer is fast approaching. Grilling, warm weather, and even outdoor fun is on the horizon! Though it can sometimes be challenging to stay on “track” during this season, there are plenty of fresh, healthy choices available. 

By having a plan for every special occasion, you can reach your health goals while enjoying yourself at the same time.

Follow these tips:

Stick with lean proteins. Stick to lean cuts of protein like sirloin tips, flank steak, skinless chicken breast, and fish. Lean cuts are high in protein but lower in fat and calories. Make sure that whatever protein you choose is not battered and fried.

Remember to put vegetables first. When filling up your plate, think vegetables! Skip the dip and fill up on non-starchy vegetables like salad, asparagus, broccoli, celery, and cucumbers. Non-starchy vegetables are low in calories, a great source of fiber, and should be the majority of your plate, whether cooked or raw.

Offer to be the head chef for your summer parties! Or take something healthy to share with everyone! What’s better than a healthy and delicious recipe to kick off the start of summer? (Text “Summer Fun” to 801-380-7833 for a free digital summer salad recipe book!)

Focus on fun activities. Instead of making food the focus of the event, have fun enjoying time together with a new activity! Startup a game of backyard kickball or badminton!

With these few tips, you will find it easier to make better choices and feel more confident in staying fit and healthy this summer! (Ellis is a certified Independent Optavia Health Coach.)

Amy Ellis
Amy Ellis
I struggled with my weight for 20 years! I tried everything on my own to lose the weight! Everything changed when I called my neighbor who was a Wellness Coach. I lost 35lbs in 3 month and have kept it off for 7.5 years. I now have became a wellness coach myself. To break old, unhealthy habits you need support! That's me. I can help!
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