Spanish Fork’s Drama Dons win state championship

Spanish Fork High School’s Drama Dons won the 5A Utah High School Athletics Association Theatre State Championship.

The following students are the current 5A Theatre State Champions:

Brinley Adamson, Mado Bayle-Pougny, Lyss Butler, Carly Byrne, Antonio Cerna, Remi Combs, Nyah Dinehart, Sara Gould, Brooke Grant, Brian Gunyan, Eliza Hansbrow, Grace Hernandez, Carter Hulet, Sadie Jack, Grayson Jenkins, Cody Jensen, Krystal Jenson, Dash Kozlenko, Eliza Law, Carter Lee, Mitchell Mangum, Lucy Maurin, Brighton McDonald, Mia McGraw, Sarah Mockett, Lacy Moore, Ty Nielsen, Emerson Pugh, Austin Ray, Meghan Rosales, Lex Smith, Julie Snyder, Jordyn Stone, Orion Swaidan, Caden Tate, Cecily Udy, Alivia VanDyke, Cambry Wangsgard, Ari Whatcott, Prince Wilkerson, Hailey Wilkerson, Noah Zwinggi, Coach Andrew Hunsaker.
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