Community rallies around local tree trimmer who fell 40 feet in tragic accident

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By Lorene Moore

On September 26, local tree trimmer Dayde Collins of Provo fell 40 feet while on a job, sustaining serious injuries to his spinal column. Dayde currently has no feeling from the chest down, and the community is rallying around him, gathering funds to help rehabilitation efforts.

Dayde is the owner of Blades Tree Removal, and according to reports, while moving his safety harness from one point to another, the branch he was using as an anchor broke underneath him. As he fell, he hit several branches, sustaining multiple injuries to his ribs, shoulder and nearly severed his spinal column. 

“Dayde was meticulous about wearing his safety gear,” his wife,  Karly Collins said. “He always wore his harness, his spiked shoes –  he even wore long sleeves to protect his arms. He was very aware of being safe at all times.”

Not only did Dayde know how to operate tree climbing equipment, but he was also a very skilled athlete. He ran for the National Guard and participated in everything from marathons to decathlons. He has also competed in Spartan’s Deka Fitness program and recently qualified for their world wide competition.

While the doctors at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center worked hard to repair as much as they could, Dayde will have to undergo additional surgeries to continue to help him heal. The healing, doctors say may not include ever being able to walk or run again.  

According to family members, Dayde  loves anything outdoors, and a prognosis pointing toward not being able to walk again, is a crushing blow. Even so, Dayde is said to be viewing it as another adventure he has to conquer.

Many have found themselves lifted by Dayde’s wildly optimistic attitude as well as the gratitude he is choosing to focus on, knowing that it could have been far worse.

“We are so grateful that he didn’t suffer any kind of brain injury,” Karly Collins said. “Dayde is the king of making lemonade out of lemons, and he wouldn’t want anyone to cry for him. We are going to be alright. It will take time and we will have to find a new adventure to share together, but we will still be able to share it together and that is what matters.”

Dayde at the hospital.

Hearing Karly’s positive outlook, it is easy to see that optimism and courage runs deep and wide in this family.

Dayde’s older brother, Ammon Collins, has also been a constant and steady support to Dayde and Karly through this difficult time. 

“I have loved watching him grow from my kid brother to this amazing warrior, and most of all, the world’s coolest dad,” Ammon said. “Out of all the things he does, and all the titles he has, ‘Dad’ is the one that means the most to him. As long as he can do that job and keep that title, to him, really nothing else matters.”

These two brothers are already making lists of what their next adventures will be.

“I have one list for when he walks again,” Ammon said. “I believe he will (walk again), but I also have a list in case he doesn’t because we will not let that stop us from getting as much out of this adventure of life as we can.”

First on the adventure list, however, is a trip to Denver where Dayde and his family will live while he participates in a 60 day intensive program of rehabilitation and conditioning.

With three young children, Karly said she knows this won’t be easy, but she, too, is taking it in stride. 

“We know we have hard things ahead of us,” Karly said. “But we have also seen such amazing blessings, and we can face anything because we are doing it together.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to assist with medical expenses for the family moving forward. The account can be found under “Help Dayde Collins & family – Tragic Accident.”

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