Games on Main in Helper bringing family fun six nights a week

Soda and gifts by day, board games by night? Yes, please! 

In April of this year, Becky Driggs opened up Aunt Nell’s Soda Fountain on Historic Main Street with the goal of bringing a taste of old fashioned service and ice cream to the town that she now calls home.

Just a handful of months later, her son Nate Driggs opened up Games on Main inside that same shop to allow the residents of Helper good old family fun playing board games.

The Driggs family settled in Helper in 2020, and right away, wanted to become part of the community. Becky, who grew up serving pies and ice cream at her great Aunt Nell’s drug store in Bountiful, said that she wanted to recreate that same feeling in Helper. 

Nate, who also brought his family including wife and four children to the small town, embarked on a similar journey by opening “Games on Main.”

Nate said that he has always loved playing board games with friends and family, and that he wanted to share that love with his newfound community.

“I love Cooperative games,” he said. “It’s fun to play as a team and try to beat the game. Currently my favorite game is ‘Star Wars The Clone Wars’. I also love the small town mentality. I like being able to recognize most faces. I’ve lived in big cities most of my life and don’t need the extra anxiety that comes with them.”

Games on Main is open six nights a week starting at 6 p.m., and currently has a library of over 150 games for people to choose from. For those just starting out on board gaming, Games on Main plans of having nights dedicated to learning how to play specific games. These will include walk throughs and discussions of deeper strategies to improve your gaming experience, if not success.

Games on Main will do special/private events on request, and Nate says that the retail section is always below MSRP.

The grand opening was Oct 30, and it brought in several locals and individuals from surrounding areas. Nate said that so far, it is turning out to be just what he hoped.

“We wanted to have a space for people to be able to relax, learn and play games with friends and family,” he said. 

Games on Main is Located at 132 Main Street in Helper, inside Aunt Nell’s Soda Fountain and Gifts.

John Chase
John Chase
John Chase is a retired Master Navigator settling in Utah after a 22-year career in the United States Air Force. He spent his last four years working from an Embassy in the Middle East. Working with and leading people from all over the world has given him perspective and acceptance of the variety of cultures existing in the world. He lives with his wife and near family.

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