Can you navigate hidden paths?

By Daniel Poaletti

Imagine you’re on a treasure hunt where you’re given a clue that contains some type of puzzle. Once it’s solved, you’ll be led to a random destination; search around a bit and you find your next clue. Now, imagine that you could race against friends as you all tried to complete the 30 to 90-minute course first!

Okay, stop imagining – this exists! There are over 40 of these types of hunts already built in and around your town. The best part – you can access them any day, any time at

Hidden Treasure Hunts was developed by a Utah local, Daniel Poaletti, as a way to encourage exploration of communities, participation in mentally stimulating activities, and healthy social interaction.

But why treasure hunts? Growing up, Daniel was fascinated with many things, but competition and puzzles were staples. To stay competitive, Daniel played in almost every school sport at one point or another while simultaneously earning his Eagle Scout at the youngest age seen in his troop. In between school and sports, he’d find crosswords, sudokus, and riddles to keep him sharp, and he later graduated with a master’s degree in Tax Accounting from BYU – after all, what’s more puzzling than taxes!?

So how does he combine his love for puzzles with competition? You guessed it – treasure hunts! If you’ve never done one before, you’ve got to try them. There’s something special about the elation you feel when you’re able to understand some puzzling clue and complete a hidden course that perhaps others could not. is Daniel’s way of making these types of creative hunts readily available and affordable for your next date night, family outing, team building exercise, etc.! Next time you’re stressing out about planning an activity, instead, try out some hunts which can comfortably handle anywhere from 2 to 54 people at the same time.

Treasure hunts are purchased directly from the site ranging from $10 to $20 per hunt, NOT per person. Hunts should be done in teams of 2-3 people which means the average cost is from $5 to $10 per person – way more affordable than most activities these days… Once the hunt is purchased, it automatically becomes available under the “Purchases” icon on the website. You can click on the purchased hunt to start it whenever you’d like. Purchased hunts never expire until they are completed; buy it the day of your adventure or a month in advance, it doesn’t matter!

Some people wonder, “If this is a treasure hunt, what is the treasure?” While the experiences you’ll have on these fun, pre-planned adventures are priceless, you do also win a prize through a coupon to one of the local businesses listed on the site!

Before you purchase a hunt, try out some sample clues at Get a feel for the difficulty and types of clues you’ll experience in Easy, Medium, and Hard hunts. These are not your run-of-the-mill experiences where you’re just told, “Go to the library to get your next clue,” but the puzzles, riddles, word games, codes, in every hunt are unique and completely original.

Still have questions? Reach out to to learn how to host an event with the hunts, how to advertise a coupon for your business on, or if you have any new hunt location suggestions!

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