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Dear readers,

Have you ever picked up a newspaper, held it close to your face, and smelled the ink and the paper it was printed on?

If not, take a second to do just that with this very paper you’re holding in your hands.

There is something magical about holding words in your hand, running your finger under each line as you read, and then turning the page. The touch of the paper, the sound of the crinkle. The smell. The sight. Reading the newspaper is a sensory experience that captures the essence of words, and stories pieced together with those words.

Now, for another question:

Have you ever had a story printed in a newspaper?

All of those same things apply to reading a story in a paper – except, it’s YOUR story.

I’ll never forget the first time my name and picture was printed in a newspaper – well, technically a magazine. I was in the eighth grade, and I frequently read “Fresh Voices’’ in the Parade Magazine. The author of the column had asked students how they wanted their peers to remember them as at their 20 year reunion. Being a budding writer at the time, I answered the call.

A couple weeks later, the columnist called me on the phone and did an interview. A week or so later, there was my face and a line that read, “I want my classmates to say that I was always as kind and outgoing as I’d ever been.”

That simple (and a little bit cheesy) line in the paper sent me on a trajectory to write words printed on paper – words I could hold in my hand. Whether the words are my own that come from my very own mind, or come from words spoken by those of you in the community, there is nothing quite like seeing those words on a piece of paper, and holding them in your hands. 

If you love to write about community events, feel good stories, tips or personal essays that may serve the needs of the audience of Serve Daily, we invite you to submit your work to our submission form at

For more information feel free to reach out to Chris Baird via 801.477.6845.


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