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I know you want what’s best for your children, just as our parents wanted what was best for us, and did the best they knew how.  But I am pretty sure my parents did not receive a user’s manual when I came along, and I know I didn’t get one when I had my children. I believe I have been given the choice opportunity to be a healing person in my family line. Behind me are family that struggled with alcoholism, rage, pornography addiction, food addiction. I have spent years searching, and healing so I could do my part to heal my family as well as heal the generations that come after me.

If our youth are to be free to be who they were meant to be, they need Emotional Intelligence.  They need to understand what emotions are, what their purpose is, and how to manage them. It is in the mismanagement, the ignoring, the running away from emotions, that we turn to our distractions and addictions for comfort.

I created Emotion Commotion, a card game that teaches an amazing amount of Emotional Intelligence!  Emotion Commotion is loved by all ages- I’ve played with kids as young as 4, empty nesters, people at business retreats, in school classrooms, youth treatment centers and with young adults.  School counselors and teachers love it!  Families and friends are creating better connection and communication as they play this simple card game with BIG laughs!

Emotion Commotion helps you gain powerful insights and skills to help improve relationships at home, school and work

Playing Emotion Commotion helps us-

Learn to express ourselves more clearly.

Understand better what we’re feeling and how others are feeling.

Connect with each other on a deeper level.

Playing Emotion Commotion can turn a room full of strangers into best friends in an hour or two. How amazing is that?

Here are what people are saying about Emotion Commotion-

Melissa Price I have to say this is an INCREDIBLE “Game” – we finally had the chance to get it out and both of my girls didn’t want to stop playing!! They had so many emotions we got to talk about and it cleared up so many behavioral things that I didn’t even know my girls were dealing with! Gosh THANK YOU!! Thank you for creating this amazing tool! I wish all schools could play this game in the classroom!!  Amanda

“We just played emotion commotion as a family. This is truly a brilliant game! This needs to be in every school classroom, therapist office, theater class, youth treatment facility, teenage hangout spot, and home! Not kidding, it’s brilliant! Even the littles could do it! I love how it teaches you to practice expressing and recognizing your emotion and also helps you practice reading other people’s emotion.” Lisa

“This game is an amazing tool to connect our family together and recognize how we each individually interpret and handle our emotions. I learned so much about my kids after just 30 minutes of playing this game.”  Rebecca

If you would like more information, you can visit or reach me at (Submitted by Melissa Price)

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