Add Music to your Child’s School Experience, You Won’t Regret it

A Whether your children attend public or private schools, or if you chose to homeschool them, music instruction should not be overlooked. There are countless studies that will attest that music education plays a critical role in their mental, and emotional development. 

Being a parent and lifelong student of music, I have often wondered what exactly music has done for me and my family in real life. 

Music can be an outlet for expression that is otherwise unavailable to children. It enables them to express feelings and emotions that may be difficult to communicate verbally. Music education reinforces critical life values including, discipline, cooperation, and social/communication skills. Music creates a sense of self-worth and accomplishment that will almost always manifest a positive attitude.

Studies have shown that children who are part of music lessons perform better on and off stage than non-musicians.

According to a study conducted by the Neurological Research, students who were exposed to music-based lessons scored a full 100% higher on fractions tests than those who learned in the conventional manner.

A National Educational Longitudinal Study found that high school music students have been shown to hold higher grade point averages than non-musicians in the same school.

Additionally, a University of Sarasota Study and East Texas State University Study found that middle school and high school students who participated in instrumental music performances scored significantly higher than their non-band peers in standardized tests.

Now that you know the benefits of putting children in music classes, at what age should they begin?

There is no one answer to this question, but as they begin to learn to read and write, they can begin to learn music theory, but some physical limitations may prevent your child from learning certain instruments until they grow. 

Then there is the question of how to select an instrument instructor.

 The Internet is a great resource to locate instructors in your area, but I would not recommend buying your child’s first instrument online, but to instead go to a music store in your area and try the instruments out. 

As a parent of Honor Roll students, I believe wholeheartedly it is their exposure and experience in music and arts that has provided my children with the skills needed to navigate their academic lives. As a music instructor I have seen firsthand the impact music makes in the lives of my students. And as a musician I know the impact it has made on my life.

Don’t hesitate. Give your children a gift this holiday season that will change their lives. Give the gift of Music!

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