Judith Walter

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Judith Ann Jecker Ford Walter
December 13, 1943 – January 25, 2023

Judy Walter was born as Judith Ann Jecker in 1943 to Sicilian parents who raised her between Chicago and New York.

She was all things nature and naturally genuine. From Home to Botanical Gardens, she adored flowers,
Trees, Arboretums and streams. She would favor a lei of flowers to a gold necklace.

She was unassuming in a “still-waters-run-deep” kind of way. Her Heros tended to be cut from the same cloth; the type of character Humphrey Bogart or Tom Selleck would play.

She walked a mile in other people’s shoes and then sat down with them to get beyond benefit-of-the-doubt – to a sense of genuine understanding.

She overcame her fear of heights, because her husband required a co-pilot to fly.

She good-naturedly overcame exhaustion and moments of despair, as a single mom of 3. Figuring and working it out herself.

She raised her kids in local libraries. There were always stacks of books. Her children picked their choice of lessons in summer, and Hit-up all the Chicago Museums. Taking them to Galena every year for the “Tour of Homes” to see the yearly architectural home transformations. And … House on the Rock

She sewed her kid’s outfits, costumes, stuffed animals and jackets. Everyone a favorite, until the next project. All worn out with love. (see pics @ legacy…)

Judy took the fearlessness of her Sicilian family and channeled it into exemplifying a fierceness toward handling adversity, A never-surrender about integrity of character. With a bleed-over of … lying is a cowardly act; “Buck-up.”

One of her elemental depths was how… we’re-all-in-this-together. Her values, beliefs, even favorite fiction would come from the heart of this. Like a Norman Rockwell, “one for all, all for one”, diner.

Camping among trees and streams with pie irons and marshmallows, was fav family time. Then when her kids were grown, she traveled the world with her husband Carl. Loving Cultures, Architecture, (especially well-crafted Doors) Gardens, and New Zealand, as a whole.

An Inner Adventurer, she was Lewis and Clark about all things learning. A google search for her kids, (before Google existed.) Her curiosity kept her input contextually comprehensive. We know this because she taught this way as well. Her edification was so whole-hearted, she was often overwhelmed with wonder. This gave her an often celebrated exuberance.

However, singing showtunes consistently as wake up calls, for school…. Went greatly unappreciated.

She had an unnatural 6th sense about Mysteries. She spotted every culprit 5 minutes in. She Always knew Professor Plum did it with the candlestick in the Study, as well… Always.

She joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in 1976, when she was 32. She would align herself spiritually to the principles and ideals, with a full heart. Devoted for the rest of her life.

She had an insatiable sweet-tooth, loved Musicals, Music, Dancing to big band swing, a home full of pets, Mystery books, Gardening (floral included), Wood Craftsmanship, Floorplan tinkering, Travel, Genealogy, Salt Lake Temple, Rocks and Minerals, Pop-up Books, Stained Glass, Aquariums, Jellyfish, Birds, Being at Geese Migration Checkpoints, the Song “America” from “West Side Story,” and the Movie “Quigley Down Under”.

Judy lost her brother Lou Jecker, in 1975, Her Father George, in 1990, Her Husband Carl in 2007, Her Mom Rosemary in 2008, and now…. We have lost her. We loved her deeply and will miss her utterly.

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