Spanish Fork City’s Power & Light Division Honored 

Spanish Fork City’s Power & Light division was named Public Works Division of the Year for 2022 and was recognized during City Council meeting on Jan. 17. 

Annually, division leaders in Spanish Fork City’s public works department meet together and present on the key indicators, projects, and innovations from the previous year. Power & Light was selected to receive the award. 

“We have seven divisions in Public Works and every year we have an annual report where all day long the different division present on what has gone on, their goals, and what they have accomplished,” Public Works Director Chris Thompson told the City Council.

For the second time now, Power & Light was selected as division of the year because of a variety of different factors. The first one was for 12 years of no lost-time accidents. 

“This is incredible, and means there hasn’t been an accident which injures them in a way where they lose time on the job,” Thompson continued. “Accidents in power & light can be really serious, it’s a great accomplishment and safety something that they focus on a lot.”

Additionally, the Power & Light Division significantly reduced the number of residents with power outages and the length of outage time this year, maintained power rates at 15% lower than average, started the shared solar program, connected almost 500 homes with solar panels to net metering, brought transformer oil testing in house, and completed an unprecedented number of projects for new growth.

“As a department we are honored to receive this award,” Power & Light Superintendent Jake Theurer said. “For me, it just reaffirmed what I already knew about the Power and Light Division. I was really happy that our guys were recognized for Division of the Year in 2022, because it was a unprecedented year with growth, projects and just keeping the power on. At the end of the day, it’s always nice to see that a job well done and all the hard work and pride we take in our jobs was recognized!”

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