Cobb & Co. Productions showcase talents of local siblings

When it comes to theater, the Cobb family of Orem are as natural as Ty Cobb was to baseball. If you’re wondering if there is any family tie to the famed athlete, that is yet to be determined, but the comparison still stands.

Cobb & Co. Theater Productions is owned and operated by siblings John Cobb and Ruthie Cobb Higley. These talented siblings who are just in their early 30’s, do everything from writing, producing, promoting, directing, and even occasionally acting in their productions. These productions are performed most often at the Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork.

Between John and Ruthie, they have their bases very well covered. John is a phenomenal playwright who always has a song on his tongue. There is rarely a time when you won’t hear him singing or humming a new melody that has just popped into his amazing brain. His dialogue is very mature, and it is evident in  the production “The Adventures of Simon Bilius Conrad.” 

His acting is also top notch. John starred as Long John Silver in his own original production of “Treasure Island,” which received wide acclaim. While John does not often act in his productions, he was able to  personify the salty old sea dog to perfection! 

Ruthie shares John’s gifts of acting and singing. Her role as “Lou” in 2021’s “A Krampus Karol’’ was sensationally hilarious. She acted as an overly confident, highly overbearing child who is constantly pushing herself onto her peers. Her solo song, “Cooties’’ was a real highlight among theater goers. Ruthie also shines brightly as a manager, producer, and director.

Not only did she produce and direct her own Cobb & Co. productions along with John, but she was also the director for Great Hall Theatrical’s “A Krampus Karol” which was one of the top shows at Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork for 2022. That production won Ruthie the title of Best Director of 2022 from the annual Great Hall Awards on New Year’s Eve at the Angelus.

Ruthie’s husband, Jade Higley is also a wonderfully talented actor, singer and fight choreographer. 

Together, John and Ruthie have been instrumental in fusing the local theater scene. They have supported and facilitated several other theater companies, strengthening them in the process.  

When it comes to talent for the arts, John and Ruthie come by it naturally. These gifts have been passed down through several generations. John and Ruthie’s father, Karrol Cobb is an outstanding music composer. He has written countless compositions and entire productions including “Robinhood the Musical’’ that plays at the Angelus Theatre in March. 

Karrol has been seen playing the piano for “The Medicine Show,” which is his mother Pam Lockwood’s original production. He played the whole show live on the piano in real time just like it was done during the original vaudeville days.

John and Ruthie’s mother, Erin Cobb has earned the nickname “Saint of Utah Valley” from Curt Gordon of Angelus Theatre for her imminently nurturing and giving deeds. Erin has a natural ability to inspire people to be kind and caring that is unmatched. Children and adults alike have been blessed by her goodly presence in their lives and subsequently risen to their own greatness because of her example. She is also an outstanding seamstress who has tailored some remarkable costumes over the last three decades.

It’s easy to say that the arts run in the Cobb family, which is just one reason to support Cobb & Co. Productions.

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Submitted by Curt Gordon.

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