Goldback currency: How one man found his ‘pot of gold’ so you can have it, too

When Gary Barsdorf looks back on his life, he sees a series of choices that have led him to his very own “pot of gold.”

Originally from South Africa, Barsdorf and his wife Shiralle emigrated to Utah in June of 1996 with three young children in tow. 

“We would not have left our beloved South Africa had it not been for the risk and uncertainty facing our young family at the time, and the great promise and excitement relocating to the United States held for a motivated, young couple ready to spread their wings and soar the thermals of a foreign land,” Barsdorf recalled. “We marvel at the serendipity, hard work, and community which has brought us to this point.”

Due to being an immigrant, Barsdorf needed to remain self-employed for the first 15 years, and for seven of those years, owned and operated multiple locations of G4G Adventure Sports & Gear along the Wasatch Front and Vernal. Over these past 26 years, the couple raised their kids in Utah County, and have recently moved onto the stage of what they call “grandparenthood.” Barsdorf said that as he began to settle into this new stage, another opportunity arose, which was to open a branch of Alpine Gold Exchange in Downtown Provo.

“I read an article in the January 26, 2022 edition of The Epoch Times which mentioned the Goldback, a new private currency using bills filled with real, 24 karat, pure Gold,” Barsdorf said. “Upon learning that the originator of these innovative, gold imbued notes was based in Alpine, I immediately reached out to the President of Goldback, inc. Jeremy Cordon and arranged a meeting.”

Barsdorf said that after the initial meeting, he was excited to not only learn more about this type of currency exchange, but to become part of it.

“I was keen to explore … and a flood of entrepreneurial energy which had elevated my spirit – especially knowing how ‘circumstantial’ the nature and form of my discovery of the Goldback was,” he said. “Unbeknown to me at the time, the leadership of Goldback, Inc., and Alpine Gold Exchange had been engaged in discussions about expanding their physical presence to more effectively serve an exponentially growing clientele.”

Barsdorf’s experience in retail wasn’t exactly the same as dealing in gold exchange, but he said that the love of helping to improve the lives of people through retail and exchange is universal. 

So, what are Goldbacks?

Goldbacks are an exchange currency printed with gold embedded in it. According to reports, there are four state series and over 8 million Goldbacks in circulation, with a growing number of businesses accepting them as a form of currency. The Goldback is legal tender in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and New Hampshire, with South Dakota imminent, and Idaho on the horizon, Barsdorf explained.

But it isn’t just currency that those who invest in Goldbacks are after. Barsdorf explained that while they are interchangeable and should be seen as a viable way to exchange currency, that many see them as an investment.  

“Goldbacks are wealth protection,” he explained. “As opposed to something that you buy for $10 and sell for $30 – that’s an investment. With gold and silver, it’s a wealth preservation mechanism. It’s been  proven over time that gold and silver will keep its value against inflation and the evaluation of the dollar. People should have money that is at risk and money that is sound, and that’s what we are, and we are so proud to offer that through the United Precious Metals Foundation. 

“With the innovation of this new Goldback, it is the most successful voluntary private currency in the world, and that can be said with great confidence. The notes have intrinsic value. There is the quantity of gold that is published on the face of the note and within the note. It’s absolutely a win-win because you can exchange your Goldbacks for actual gold coins.”

Barsdorf said that in addition to those who use Godlbacks as an investment, there are a growing number of people who see them as collectables. 

Barsdorf said that he is excited to share his new knowledge with people, and believes that it is a tool that will improve the economy and love for a country that he says has brought many great things to him and his family. 

“With inflation and the massive printing of the dollar and the threat to the dollar internationally, I know that I’m in the right place and involved in the right mission –the preservation of this beautiful country,” he said. 

“I’ve never been happier working in any place in my kaleidoscopic career. In this stage of my career, I am happy to be involved with a group of like minded individuals who are patriotic, freedom loving to the core, and the salt and the core and soul of America. I want to help educate people on what brought people to this country in the first place, with it being a country of freedom and opportunity.

“It’s an exciting development in the community where Alpine Gold Exchange in Alpine, the Precious Metals Association and Goldback Incorporated have now established a new location on 275 N. University Ave. in Provo to serve their rapidly expanding customer base in Utah and beyond. As a repository we’ll be equipped to accept and dispense precious metals and special legal tender in the form of Goldback notes, and US Minted Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, and US Minted Silver Eagles.”

Barsdorf encourages readers to bring this paper in to get a free goldback and learn about the mission they have, and all the different attributes of the mission. 

Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown is a mom of nine who writes columns for many local and national publications. She currently resides in Payson, and enjoys looking for good happenings in her area and sharing them for others to read about. For more of her stories, search "A Mother's Write" on Facebook.

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