Reach Your Health Goals Through Simple Habits

Sometimes our health goals can seem daunting and overwhelming, discouraging many from even beginning a healthy lifestyle. I’m here to say that it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t need to start exercising seven days a week, stop eating sugar, get on a keto diet, or any diet for that matter. 

Living a healthy life and setting goals can actually be quite simple. 

The brain recognizes most strict regimens, like diet restrictions and hours in the gym, as deprivation. When the brain registers deprivation it can put the body into a heightened state of stress. When this heightened state is “on” for extended periods of time, cortisol is released too much and too often. This will tell the body to slow metabolism and store body fat in order to save itself from the perceived threat. If this goes on too long, it creates more stressful chemicals to release and a continual loop will cycle. 

So, what do we do about this?

Keep it simple. Pick one new health habit you’d like to work on at a time. This could be as simple as a daily walk around the block, drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day, or adding in one extra serving of vegetables to your daily meals. As this new habit becomes easier, add in another. 

Increase your efforts over time. When you get used to adding in health habits you can start making larger strides in your mental and physical effort. Like, daily affirmations, morning light exposure, adding quality proteins into each meal, gratitude journaling, and working out at Chase Movement Gym three times a week. 

See what I did there? (Insert winky face here).

As you can see, you don’t have to start big, but you do have to start. If you want to see and feel your health change, you have to change something you are doing. Small disciplines practiced over time to reach the health goals you desire for your life will go a long way, and consistency is the key to all success. 

If you need some guidance developing a fitness and nutrition plan, and proper coaching and accountability so that your efforts are working for you instead of against you, reach out to Coach Jon at Chase Movement. We cover fitness, MINDSET, nutrition, and mobility so you can find the joy and fulfillment your body and life are meant to experience.

Publishers’ Note:

As we printed last month in the Letter from the Publisher:
“Wherever you are now, add 1 to it and make yourself 1% better, and then keep going from there.”

This article from Jon reinforces that concept of keeping it simple and adding one thing at a time to improve your life. As Jon has said before, “focus on adding to your life, not taking away.”

Submitted by Jon Chase

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