Adopting a shelter dog can bring joy and love to your life

If you are looking to adopt a dog, local shelters hope that you will consider coming their way. Carry Ward and Emily Loveland have both adopted dogs from local shelters, and say that it has been a blessing in their lives.

Five years ago, on Valentine’s Day, Carry Ward brought home what may very well be the love of her husband’s life: a little terrier-poodle named Penny.

Ward first met Penny at a shelter when she was just a puppy, and said that she was angry at the world for being stuck in a kennel all the time. Seeing Penny so upset broke her heart, and Ward explained that she  wanted to give her the love she deserved, so she asked her husband to come and meet her on the very day designated for love. 

“The two of them bonded right away and we adopted her,” Ward said. “My husband is Penny’s person in every way. She is always in his lap or sleeping cuddled up tight to him. He spoils her rotten with treats from his plate or licking the last of the ice cream from the Culver’s cup. They are a pair! 

My husband and I are empty nesters, and Penny has brought love and laughter back into the home. When Penny wants something and the eyes aren’t convincing enough, she will scruff her back feet showing her ‘little miss attitude’ loud and clear. She is our little blessing and we’re so lucky to have her.”

Loveland adopted a pitbull terrier they named Kaylie, who not long after, experienced a life-altering accident.

“We adopted (Kaylie) from the Shelter after falling in love with her,” Loveland said. “She has such a kind temperament and loves to try to be a lap dog. About a month after adopting her she had an accident. We rushed her to the vet and they had to amputate her leg. This was devastating as we knew she would have a long recovery and it would be lifelong. She has recovered and loves to try to snuggle with us in bed. She does get some snuggle time, but then has to return to her own bed as she’s a bed hog! She loves wrestling with her sister and hasn’t slowed down at all. If one of us is sick, she will stick by us and not leave our side. She is our family and is the light of our lives!”

If you are looking to adopt a dog, shelters, rescues and fosters are struggling right now due to many being at maximum capacity. Animals are coming into these shelters, and are leaving at a painfully slow rate. Not only are adoption rates down, but owners aren’t coming to get their lost pets. 

Inside these shelters, there are a wide range of dogs who need homes, and. Maybe you would like a pitbull or lab mix. Truthfully, there are many of these wonderful dogs but you can also find many other breeds too! Recently there have been dachshunds, diredale, English bulldogs, huskies and doodle mixes as well.

Submitted by Carry Ward

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