Governor Cox Visits Payson High School

Utah Governor Spencer Cox visited Payson School during his educational tour on April 19. While there, he took time to meet with all of the student leaders and was available to answer questions.

During his presentation, Governor Cox talked about growing up in a small town, and shared his vision for the future of Utah. He then took a tour of the school and even had to visit the famous Footloose locker.

At the school assembly, Governor Cox interacted with a student panel and answered questions presented by a student panel consisting of Joshua Laker, Emma Mathews, Bre Jardine, Kelsey Argyle, and Oscar Menjivar. Each student came prepared with a question for the Governor and were able to receive advice and answers.

When the Governor was asked about his advice for graduates going into the workforce, he said to not stress too much, but let students know that the key is to work hard with determination and that the future is bright.

When the Governor asked the students what the best thing about their school was, they said it was their peers, faculty, student body, many opportunities to learn, and friends.

The student panel told Governor Cox that teenagers were not something to fear. They expressed that they were capable, stating, ‘You can expect more from us. We can do it. We have unified hope, and we are a kick-butt generation.”

After the panel discussion, Governor Cox was able to leave the students with some great advice, including that “There is no substitute for hard work,” “Be recklessly good,” and “You never have to tear someone down to get ahead in life.”

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