Keep kids’ minds and bodies active this summer via programs and classes

For children, summer is a paradise of freedom from the confines of school. For 2 ½  glorious months, the world is their oyster and they can finally do what they want to do when they want to do it. For parents, it can be a time of panic as they try to find something –  ANYTHING that isn’t mindless colors flashing on a screen to the most annoying song ever written. Being in that same boat myself, I have searched high and low to find summer activities that will get your kids’ minds, brains, and social butterfly wings going, and hopefully save the sanity of a parent or two.

Enroll them in an art class

South Utah County is well known for its art community, and if your child wants to learn how to draw, paint, sculpt – really anything, there are a wide range of opportunities nearby. 

If your child is a talented artist looking for a place to hone their skills, or perhaps just likes to draw, Boddiedee’s Art and Classes might be the place for you. BobbieDee is a talented art instructor with more than a decade of experience teaching youth. She offers a variety of classes all summer long to keep your kids learning and having fun. 

For more information on classes, she can be found under Boddiedee’s Art and Classes on Facebook. 

If you have a child that wants a more three-dimensional art experience, then a class or two at Wildflower Pottery and Ceramics might be more their style. They offer a variety of classes at all skill levels and even offer group and party packages if your kiddo doesn’t want to go alone. They also offer classes and group activities for adults. 

For more information, go to

If you are on the lookout for a one-stop art education experience, Spanish Fork City hosts an annual Youth Arts Festival from June 5-16. These classes range from drawing, to culinary arts, to STEAM, movement, performance art, and even textiles. There is something for everyone taught by local professionals who are passionate about sharing their talents with the children in their classes. Registration opens on May 3, and classes fill quickly.

For a list of classes offered and a rough schedule, go to

Have them take a swim class

If you’re looking for aquatic education for your kids, there are several options for you to choose from. Springville City’s Clyde Recreation Center offers swimming lessons year round. Payson City Pool also offers a wide range of swimming lessons at their outdoor aquatics facility. There are also private organizations including Children’s Visions that offer swimming lessons for all skill levels and abilities. 

There are many other organizations that offer summer camps and activities. All city park and recreation departments have summer sports. Also, check out any local martial arts studio, dance company, or gym. Many of these organizations offer fun summer camps that double as great opportunities for your child to try something new without the pressure of a long commitment. 

Remember parents, summer only seems long if you sit around waiting for it to end, get up and get your child involved in something amazing this summer! 

Ariel Higgs
Ariel Higgs
Ariel Higgs is a married mother of four from Spanish Fork Utah. She enjoys writing, music, theatre, reading, and exploring the great outdoors. She has written for and its affiliated websites and loves story telling in any form.

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