Local author publishes first book in sweet romance book series

Local author Deborah Goodman sees her writing as an “escape for people” because “we all need fun.” The Springville resident’s most recent book, “Just a Friend,” was released on March 2, and  one of 17 published writings by Goodman since starting to write for the sweet romance genre.

Sweet romance is a popular genre that tells romance stories, usually leaving out the aspect of sex in the fiction. Goodman initially decided to write romance because she said that  it sells the best out of any genre. As she honed her writing abilities, however, this author fell in love with the category.

“As I read more, I learned to love it a lot more,” Goodman said. “I liked trying to figure out how people fall in love and build a relationship.”

As the Covid-19 Pandemic swept the world, Goodman concluded that her books could be a help to people through those hard times, and she was right. Many people said that they appreciated her stories that always have a happy ending. Her books can also reflect on real life romantic kinships.

 “Sometimes fiction can be helpful with your own relationships because through it you can learn how to make things work and what the ideal might be,” she said.

 Writing fictional tales is never easy, and this is something Goodman has learned in her seven years of experience as a writer.

“It is hard to feel creative when I need to,” she said. “Figuring out the characters is hard sometimes, and finding the time to write is difficult. Sometimes things are stuck in my brain and I can’t get them out and describe them. It’s hard to make it work.”

Goodman has published five of her sweet romance series, containing 17 books in total. She said that her improvement in writing has made it more enjoyable to construct her stories.

Goodman’s books are all available on Amazon, and she also has a newsletter where subscribers can receive a free book.

Submitted by Sam Goodman

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