Local musician and author Ryan Stream continues to rewrite his own story while encouraging others to do the same

From drug and alcohol-addicted parents, to losing his mother to suicide, to living destitute and often homeless, to struggling with his own drug addiction, Ryan Stream’s life was one crisis after another. 

Stream said that while he and his brother were adopted into a marvelous family, by the time he was in high school, he succumbed to addiction himself and was jailed several times as a young man before getting his personal life in order and functional.

Not only has Stream risen from the ashes, but he has built a life worthy of looking up to. He is an accomplished musician, author, husband and father. 

Serve Daily first introduced readers to Stream in August 2017 after covering an event he participated at the  Spanish Fork Arena. At the event, Stream followed a huge U.S. flag into the arena on a trailer while playing the piano and singing the national anthem. He had recently returned from two Army deployments in Afghanistan and was just getting started on his new life.

“You write your own story of your life,” Stream often tells those he interacts with.

Stream, who lives in Payson with his wife and two daughters, travels around sharing music and motivational messages. The main message he shares is to take responsibility for your life, and this message radiates throughout his book titled, Conquering Your Colosseum – Believe in Yourself that has been a number one best-selling book on Amazon. “The Colosseum,” he refers to, is a metaphor for the world we live in.

The book takes you through the realization that you are the author of your own story; self-evaluation; taking responsibility and accountability for your past and present actions; learning to believe in yourself; and then creating a plan for your future, followed by action. This is followed by evaluating how life is moving forward. Stream’s story is a testimony to how you can change your past into a future blessing for others.

Over the past six years of following and reporting on Stream’s journey his skills and talents have matured to the amazing success he now exhibits. Stream’s music is streamed worldwide, and his music videos have received awards. He now reports a million followers, and 60,000 people have benefited from his live presentations. Verizon Wireless awarded him with its annual Service Award. He has been featured in Influence Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Inc. com, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur.com.

For the second year in a row, his music video featuring his song “Culture” has been recognized and awarded at the Zions Independent Film Festival. The music video recognizes the value different cultures bring to us. During this past year, Stream has been busy speaking to young people in cities and towns all across the nation, all while working on his second book titled, Build an Army of Leaders. 

As the title implies, the book will be about developing leadership skills for individuals and for business growth. And much like the message that he has been spreading over the years, the intent of the book will be to help people overcome their challenges and to achieve a new reality in life. That is exactly what Stream has accomplished in his life and is committed to sharing with all he comes in contact with, and says that he hopes to help people improve their lives, whether it is overcoming addiction problems or becoming more marketable in the workplace. 

To follow along with Stream’s journey he can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, His book can also be found on Amazon.com

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