New Family-run Farmers Insurance Agency in Springville will treat you like one of their own

At 717 North Main Street in Springville on the first floor, you’ll find a local Farmer’s Insurance Branch. When you walk in the doors, it will be a race to see who greets you first. If you’ve been to the branch, you likely know that the one to greet you first is Sally, the office dog. Not only is she a mascot of the Shane Paoli Agency, but she is totally legit with a badge and everything.

If Sally is slow to the door, you will be warmly greeted by office manager, Traci Paoli who is Shane Paoli’s wife. Needless to say, walking into this small family-run office you will immediately feel at home, and like you’re part of the family – which is exactly the way they like it.  

Shane Paoli took over the Springville and Spanish Fork Branch of the Farmers Insurance Agency in January of this year and said he is eager to join the local community that drew him to southern Utah county. 

“Everybody knows everybody here, and the environment is awesome!” Shane said. 

Shane spent 30 years in the car business, and when his business was purchased, he decided to make a change. He joined Farmers Insurance to get back to what he likes best, which is talking with people and supporting the local community. 

The Shane Paoli Branch is part of the welcoming committee in the Springville/Mapleton Chamber of Commerce and has enjoyed welcoming other new businesses into the ever-changing and growing local small business community.

 “It’s been fun meeting these new small businesses and helping them join and support the local commerce community,” Shane said. “We are family. This Agency is our family. Our son works with us and our daughter will be helping out over the summer.”

The Paoli’s treat their customers like family, whether you have one policy or ten, they will go out of their way to help you in any way that they can. According to Shane, he makes sure not to direct customers to the national 1-800 number to muddle through the process on your own, but instead, they are ready and happy to walk you through, step by step to make sure that your needs are met. 

“We’re here to learn and become a part of the community,” Traci said. 

If you’re exploring insurance options, visit the Shane Paoli Farmers Insurance Branch. They’re warm, compassionate, and ready to help you in any way they can. They truly treat their customers like family and are excited to be serving the Spanish Fork/Springville area. 

Ariel Higgs
Ariel Higgs
Ariel Higgs is a married mother of four from Spanish Fork Utah. She enjoys writing, music, theatre, reading, and exploring the great outdoors. She has written for and its affiliated websites and loves story telling in any form.

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