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Hi again from the wood carving world.  Since you heard from me last some great things have happened. I had a wonderful week of carving in Midway, Utah. Guy Nelson, Dale Green, and Craig Simons put together the most successful Rocky Mountain Woodcarving conference I have ever attended. It was the last week of April and I had just about had it with all the snow we had had throughout the winter. I stayed at a friend’s time share up there with 2 other ladies and we went everyday for a week to the Community Center to carve.  There were six carving instructors waiting to teach us. You could choose an instructor and learn to carve a new roughout each day. We carved for eight hours a day with a short lunch break.  I was in heaven.  It was so fun! Eighty people attended and there were small two hour mini classes at night. The chips were flying everywhere!  We had a group dinner on Thursday night and were entertained by the instructors with good music and singing after. Everything ended on Friday afternoon with many happy and exhausted carvers and instructors. It was a whirlwind of carving, laughing, and joy.  I got to know many people from all over the United States. What a great week. 

 Another thing that has happened is the Payson group that meets at the Payson Senior Center Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday has carved and painted over 150 Christmas ornaments since the first of the year for the Peteetneet Christmas sale the first week of December.  We hope to have about 250 by the time the sale comes. We use the money to buy wood, paint, and tools to carve with at the Center.  A bunch of new carvers have joined and we teach carving and painting everyday we are there. We would love for YOU to join us but of course you would need to be a senior to join :].  Ray Carlson, who oversees the carving part of the Center is so good to help all who come.

Our Provo group meets at Treeline in Provo on Monday 9:00-12:00 and Thursday 1:00-4:00, and the second Thursday of every month we have an evening meeting from 6:00-8:00 pm with a class on simple carving.  We have had some great projects and many good, experienced carvers to help you learn.  We would welcome all who want to learn to carve. Dennis Trotter is President of the club, and Gary Heaton is Chairman of the Show we have in September.  The Club has tools and safety items for you to use while you are learning.  Then you can decide what to buy for yourself when you are more experienced, and you realize you can’t live without carving! [You will have to pay for the wood you use.] Last month we carved a little bear from the Carving Illustrated magazine that was Duane Gossnell pattern. It turned out really cute.

Speaking of the show it will be September 21st for registration, 23rd and 24th for the show. So get your carvings ready and prepare to strut your stuff. We invite everyone to come see the show and enjoy over 200-300 beautiful carvings at the Veterans Memorial Building  on 4th Main in Spanish Fork.   

Treelines address is 1221 E 1120 S Provo Ut, phone 801-598-2743.

Payson Senior Center address is 439 West Utah Ave, Payson Ut, Phone 801-465-5215.

Come join us, we welcome all.  Thanks for reading our favorite newspaper “Dailey Serve” (Publisher’s Note: Aka- Serve Daily).  Hope to see you soon.

Submitted by Mary Dame

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Guest Contributor
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