Out with the Bad, In with the GOOD

I made a big deal of affirmations in my last article. Now, I’d like to help you understand that more often than not affirmations don’t actually work. It’s like putting a clean shirt on a dirty body. You need to begin to deep-clean the inner vessel by entirely changing how you think.

We call this emotional clearing. We clear out emotions not by dealing solely with the emotion, but the thought process that is producing the emotion. We need the truth, because it will make us free. My favorite mentor said that.

Emotion is stimulated by thought and is energy in motion which dumps off into the body via the central nervous system and chemicals in the bloodstream. Electrical energy can be measured and observed. Healthy (high frequency) emotions keep the body in a healthy thriving state, while unhealthy (low frequency) emotions destabilize the body into dis-ease.

Emotions that are not expressed and cleared lodge themselves primarily in the fascia of the body. Too much maladaptive emotion in a part of the body for too long can create chronic pain, illness, attitude, or behavior that the person is generally quite unaware is caused by poor thinking. 

Many medical doctors admit that 75-95% of physical problems they see stem from emotional and stress induced origins that became manifested on the physical level. The healthy expression and understanding of emotion not only increases (or reveals) hidden IQ, but leads to a happier, healthier, manageable life. 

Expression will allow you to release and reverse negative emotions. Always allow and even facilitate the expression of the emotion that is felt by you or someone around you, don’t fear it. Eventually you will learn to avoid over-expression (blowing up) and suppression (bottling up), and instead learn to minimize the power the emotion has over you. Below are easy steps to begin clearing out your own emotions.

1. Ask yourself: What bothers me? What causes me to feel… (irritated, upset, angry, sad, disappointed)?

2. Take out a sheet of paper and utilize stream-of-consciousness writing to express all the negative feelings associated with what is upsetting or bothering you.

3. While writing, tap on your sternum, and you may even feel to voice what you feel. Hold nothing back.

4. Don’t re-read what you wrote, tear it up or burn it.

5. Wash your hands and take a drink of water (you may feel exhausted or experience a flu-like Herxheimer reaction which is a health-crisis from the release of endotoxins).

6. Get out a clean sheet of paper or your journal, and write down all the positive (ex. what you learned from that experience, why you reacted that way, how you see the truth of what happened, what could have been done differently, what will you do next time that is line with your standards?) Keep this paper for future reference.

7. Repeat this process daily or every other day until thinking of that event, person, experience does not churn up any negative feelings within you.

If you have tried affirmations, emotional clearing, therapy, support groups, or medication and still feel stuck, come see me for clinical hypnotherapy. I’ve completed over 2,000 sessions and 95% of my clients report full recovery in just 1-3 sessions. This works quickly and deeply on a range of issues from anxiety, depression, and fears, to pornography, food and other addictions. I’m the top-rated hypnotherapist in all of Utah County. Visit my website to book a call at www.NoLimitsHypnotherapy.com.

Submitted By Nelson Whiting, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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