The Rivoli Theater in Springville – Some Good News

The Rivoli Theater in Springville has outwardly appeared empty the past few years. Well, we have some news to report to our readers.

The Rivoli (RIV-o-lee) first opened in late 1927 with a silent film. It was the second theater located in Springville as the Star Theater had been operating for a few years prior to the Rivoli.

The Rivoli theater added sound in 1929 that set it apart from the Star, allowing for the presentation of ‘talkies,’ not just silent-only films.

Live performances of animal acts and magic shows were viewed along with the large number of movies presented through the years.

The Rivoli has changed owners a number of times through the years and has also been known locally as the Villa Theater and the Villa Playhouse.

According to Melissa Cannon-Johnson, the theater’s current owner (and new mom), the Rivoli is in fact being used currently, although it is not yet open to public viewings of motion pictures. 

Melissa is excited to one day invite the public to the revitalized theater to share in the enjoyment of an inspiring performance and be together as a community.  

The current condition of the building is fittingly described as leaky and creaky. The building has not seen much in the way of updating over the years and the needed renovations come with a challenging price tag. 

Future plans are to renovate in phases and keep the building true to its vintage design and features while vastly improving a multitude of amenities including restrooms, lighting, sound, and a installing a modern camera system that will allow for the streaming and recording of all performances.

It is encouraging to know that Melissa has previously been a film and television producer. She already has a list of contacts and friends in the business that can be called upon for their creative talents.

Those friends will be influential in creating a newly rejuvenated Springville theater that will become a welcoming and comfortable venue for everyone in the area once again.

The vision of the revived Rivoli theater includes providing a place for the showcasing of gifted actors, musicians, and film makers. There are great plans for bringing loads of big talent to Springville on the stage, through films and film festivals, and by way of screen writing events. 

From its inception nearly 100-years ago, the Rivoli has been celebrated as the place to be seen in Springville. Whether it was a first date, a last date, or an everlasting romance, wait just a little longer and similar experiences will once again take place at the Rivoli theater. 

  Watch for the latest updates on social media platforms and reach out for ways you can get involved with the new Rivoli Theater. On Instagram: therivolitheater and on Facebook: Rivoli Theater Springville.

Kevin Jennings
Kevin Jennings
Husband to one - Dad to six - Grandpa to five - Friend and Neighbor to all.

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