Bikers Against Child Abuse has been keeping children safe since 1995

A biker gang – you’ve seen them in movies, heard about them in the news. Maybe you’ve seen them on the road while you were out and about yourself. 

Perhaps you were even a bit skeptical of their aims. Well, here’s an introduction to an interesting and valuable group of bikers unlike those stereotyped by moviemakers and others. 

Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.) is an international non-profit entity that was founded in the mid-nineties in Utah with the purpose of creating a safe environment for abused children. The founder was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working part-time as an instructor at Brigham Young University.

B.A.C.A. began with the idea to assist a single victim. The first ride included over two dozen bikers that visited a wounded child and invited that child to become a part of a safe family, even a family of bikers. 

That eight-year-old child had previously chosen to remain within the walls of his home due to his fear of those that had abused him. Soon after contact from B.A.C.A. members and their support of that child, that same young boy was seen out and about, enjoying his childhood as any young person deserves.    

With that first successful encounter, word spread regarding the achievement in Utah. The first two chapters of B.A.C.A. were formed in Utah. Then chapters formed in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas. 

Today, B.A.C.A. chapters are located in nearly every state and throughout multiple countries around the globe. Anyone who thinks that these bikers are vigilantes for hire are sorely mistaken. 

Local B.A.C.A. chapters attend many community events to answer questions the public may have about them. This interaction allows the bikers to educate the public regarding their mission to protect and support victims of abuse as well as to raise awareness of the epidemic itself. Presentations are given that effectively demonstrate the opportunities to get involved in preventing child abuse. 

The local chapters receive referrals from parents, guardians, law enforcement agencies, and child-care agencies. Their representatives often meet with police agencies informally to educate and introduce the biker’s goals towards victims and to remove any concerns that they are trouble makers. This, in turn, helps the police reassure the public that they have nothing to fear from this group of bikers.

You may be surprised to learn that every member of B.A.C.A. submits to a federal background check, including being fingerprinted. This safety measure and others help to ensure that members aren’t abusers secretly looking for prey. 

They also pledge to an internal policy that requires at least two members of B.A.C.A. be present at all times a child is in attendance with or interacting with the biker members. 

Although they don’t endorse the use of violence or physical force, B.A.C.A. members are ready to protect any abused child from further abuse, even at the personal expense of becoming the lone obstacle between the victim and their abuser.

Time and again, B.A.C.A. members are asked, “How can I help?” or “It’s about time somebody is really doing something.” or sadly, “I wish you guys were around when I was a kid.”

You can visit the B.A.C.A. website to explore even more about them. Just type into your favorite browser.

B.A.C.A. members don’t claim to be especially popular with those residing behind bars for their poor choices against children and they don’t claim to be popular amongst those individuals that prey upon children. 

They are near-proud of their resolve to make enemies to those that harm the children of our society. 

As they honorably declare, no child deserves to live in fear.

Kevin Jennings
Kevin Jennings
Husband to one - Dad to six - Grandpa to five - Friend and Neighbor to all.

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