Jared Von Baker

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Jared Von Baker, 16, Orem, UT, passed his earthly test and graduated to his heavenly home on Oct 3, 2023, with his parents by his side and his siblings on the phone. He passed away at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, due to complications from a seven-year battle with cancer.

Born on January 6, 2007, to David and Tamra Baker, Jared was a strong soul from the start. The fourth of five children, he was surrounded by a large loving family including cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Jared was born with rhythm; he loved music and loved to dance and do hip-hop at an early age. The positive beat inside of him came out in all he did. His natural athleticism led him to excel in lacrosse, taekwondo, football, soccer, and snow skiing. He had a strong mind as well, and he loved reading, learning about random subjects, and making keen observations about the world around him. But his real love was for his friends and family, and he prioritized spending time with them.

Jared was not passive in life nor in his beliefs or opinions. He strongly stood up for what he believed, and he wouldn’t hesitate to share his thoughts or challenge you to defend your perspective. He didn’t have a weak bone in his body.

The battle for his life started when he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 9. That began Jared’s transformation from a boy into a warrior. Cancer tried to beat him over and over again, but Jared braved every day and every new condition – and he did so without complaint. Those around him would never have known how sick his body was, they knew only that he was present, in the moment, and a fierce fighter.

Spending months at a time sick or in the hospital taught Jared life lessons well beyond his years. He developed patience and perspective and learned to take things in stride, go with the flow during delays or disappointments, and not be upset by things he couldn’t change.

Jared was a student at Mountain View High School, in Orem. Although he was a friend to all, he especially cherished his tight-knit group of friends who stood by him through thick and thin.

Even when he was at his sickest, Jared would still go to school for seminary – sometimes for the entire day. He also made sure to complete Driver’s Ed and worked hard to obtain his driver’s permit in between hospital visits. He had a passion for cars, especially exotic supercars, and he even got to drive a Lamborghini. He loved games and spent many hours strategizing over board games with his uncles and playing video games with his friends and cousins. He also

strategized in the mountains where he loved to have airsoft battles with his friends.

He was especially close to his siblings, Taylor, Trent, Jaida, and Kurt. He thought the world of them and often expressed his gratitude for his relationships with them. Although he was teased and taunted by his brothers and sisters, he fiercely defended them. Each played a special role in his life, and all gave him reasons to fight every day.

Jared had a special relationship with his mother, who spent years of her life helping him fight for his. She was his confidant, compassionate caregiver, and an integral part of his medical team.

His dad was his role model and teacher. They worked on projects together and frequently pushed each other through healthy debates.

Above all, Jared was a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. He chose to let his health challenges teach and refine him and bring him closer to his Savior. He was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His life was the start of his mission service to the Lord, touching thousands of people with his strength, courage, and faith. With his new heavenly transfer, Jared’s unique mission will continue and he will bless lives on both sides of the veil. Jared lived and died with Jesus Christ by his side.

Jared is survived by his loving parents, David William and Tamra Orgill Baker, siblings, Taylor, Trent, Jaida, and Kurt, grandparents Sharey Ann Baker and Von and Sherri Orgill, as well as many adoring uncles, aunts, and cousins, who will miss him deeply. He was preceded in death and greeted on the other side by his grandpa, Will Baker, and his uncle, Scott Orgill.

Special thanks to the caregivers and medical teams at Primary Children’s Hospital, to the community of Orem, Utah, and to the thousands of online friends and followers all over the world who prayed for Jared and helped him and his family through the journey. So many people have been blessed by his strength, his faith, and his pure goodness.

Funeral services were October 14, 2023. Interment was in the Orem City Cemetery. Jared requested casual attire, and attendees were invited to wear TeamJared apparel or something with his favorite colors of purple and fluorescent orange.