E-Edition: October 2023 – Issue 137

The October 2023 – Issue 137 of Serve Daily is packed full of amazing local articles about people who serve, people who perform, and more. Find opportunities to serve, events to attend, coupons to save, and support the advertisers who make this possible.

Just a little tidbit of information up to this point:

We have printed for 137 consecutive months since June 2012. Printed 1,547,000 copies which equates to roughly 154,900 pounds of paper. All used to share good positive stories, local business information, local events, and more.

We invite your input. Send us a message at servedaily.com/forms.

Serve Daily strives to share positive and uplifting messages about the community. We are looking for writers that would like to find/be assigned articles and commit to 2-3 articles a month. Call Chris at 801-477-6845 if interested.

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