Skeletons Along the Spanish Fork River Trail

For Kaybri and Marlow Dennis, a recent Saturday bicycle ride on the Spanish Fork River Trail with their parents and grandparents proved to have an exciting twist not seen every day on their typical pedal-trips.

As the two small children traveled on bicycles in the cool morning air, they witnessed a number of skeletons along the trail. Some were near ground level and some much higher up in the trees. Some skeletons wore clothes or a hat, and one was seen in a tire swing.

Kaybri was the first to spot the delightful and posed skeletons.

“Skeletons! Skeletons,” she shouted!  

“They look real,” Marlow said! 

The skeletons the kids found were put out by local landowners for mere entertainment – perhaps for both themselves and the passersby. The skeletons come in various sizes and differing mammals. There are adult-size skeletons, youth-size skeletons, multiple bird skeletons, and there are cattle skulls in the same proximity.

Kaybri and Marlow seemed to really enjoy their discoveries, as well as the family ride on the popular trail.

For those who have not experienced the Spanish Fork River trail, it is a relaxing trail that courses alongside the river most of the way between the Spanish Oaks Golf Course and beyond the Sports Park west of Main Street in Spanish Fork. It is a well-maintained and level pathway that has been used daily by walkers, joggers, runners, dog-owners, bird-watchers, users of wheelchairs, and bicyclists.

Benches have been installed at multiple locations when a rest is in order or a bit of isolation from the world is needed. There are restrooms available at convenient locations as well.

The restroom area about midway between the golf course and the ball fields near 1100 East even has a place set aside to assist with simple repairs for bicycles. Shade and solitude are not hard to find while on the trail. There are plenty of trash disposal locations along the route, too.

Other fun things found multiple times along the way are wooden and concrete bridges that span the river and mile markers that help you see just how far you have traveled.

At Main Street, the trail actually crosses below the busy traffic corridor to help tremendously with safety issues. There is plenty of parking at both ends of the river trail as well as near the middle where the restrooms are located along 1100 East with access from River Bottoms Road.

This October, keep your eyes open for the skeletons and other fun items as you travel, and perhaps even make a game of it and take some pictures. 

This time of the year offers a multitude of colors found in the leaves. 

It’s not too warm or too cold outside, so enjoy this free and beautiful gift from the city of Spanish Fork and the dedicated workers and property owners that make this trail such a fun treat.

Kevin Jennings
Kevin Jennings
Husband to one - Dad to six - Grandpa to five - Friend and Neighbor to all.

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