Say Moo! Local photographer taking unique fall family photos 

Fall means family photoshoots, and nothing says family and fall like posing in front of a cow – at least that’s what photographer Brittney Stowe is saying.

But these aren’t just any cows; they’re Highland Cows. And the photos aren’t taken at any location; they’re done at a locally owned farm.

Recently, Stowe, who is from Springville, was driving around Palmyra near Spanish Fork when she spotted the cows. She said that when she saw them, she just knew that she wanted to photograph them.

Highland Cow at Fold of Liberty Farms in west Spanish Fork.
Highland Cow at Fold of Liberty Farms in west Spanish Fork.

“Back in January, my husband got me a new camera, and we were just driving around Palmyra and I yelled at him, ‘You have to stop the car! There’s Highland Cows!’” she recalled. “I’ve been dying to photograph them for years. So I started taking their pictures and I just kept going back to that same spot over the months, and ended up running into the owner of them one day. He invited my daughter and I onto the property to meet the cows, pet them, and feed them – the whole works!”

The owner of the farm is Vernon Stout, and the farm is called Fold of Liberty Farms, and has a story all its own. According to Stout, not only has he been receptive to Stowe taking photos and having people pose with the cows, but he is all for it as a way to not only get the word out about his farm, but he said it’s good for the cows.

“It’s fantastic!” Stout said. “You know, our goal is to help people who want to come out and see and learn about the farm. And what Brittney is doing is helping us to get people to come and learn about farming … and on top of all that take beautiful pictures.

Highland Cow posed with Spencer & Karli Ivey at Fold of Liberty Farms in west Spanish Fork.
Highland Cow posed with Spencer & Karli Ivey at Fold of Liberty Farms in west Spanish Fork.

“Hopefully it brings a lot of joy to the people to get their pictures taken, because being able to go out and pet cows and be right up close to them and pet them is good for the cows,” he continued. “They’re Highlands, and because we trained them right, they are super nice, and they want to be petted. That’s one of the things that we actually need is petters –  people who want to come out and pet the cows and continue to get them used to humans. If you don’t pet them regularly enough, they get so anxious about wanting somebody to pet him that they are too excited when people show up.”

Highland Cows originate in Scotland, and are known for their big horns and long, straight hair – not your typical Angus cow Utah is accustomed to. This breed of cow is also a bit more docile than other breeds, and it is their temperament, coupled with their unique look that has caused Stowe to want to embark on her photographic dream of matching family up with cow for an unforgettable fall photo experience.

“I was so shocked when I first got to meet the cows,” she said. “They just come walking right up to you. They’re so friendly. There’s one baby, and I’m obsessed with him because he’s such a talker. He just sits there and moos at you the whole time. There are three big cows, Jesse and Serendipity and Nan and they are just lovers. Nan will come up and try to knock the camera out of my hands because she wants me to pet her and feed her and scratch her. They’re, they really are just like a giant dog. If they could climb in my lap. I’m sure they would.

Stowe said that she has done several photo shoots recently, and is excited to bring more people to the farm to meet the cows and take some pictures. She also expressed a desire to expose people to Stout’s farm and what he hopes to accomplish in the near future.

“I’m kind of a smaller photographer, and I’m really working on getting my name out there, and so when I saw the cows and people loving the cows, I was like, ‘Oh, you know what? Let’s just latch on to this!” She said. “People are loving this and it has truly built my brand. We’re still working on getting the name out there and just loving it though. … I’ve always been intrigued by farm life and so it’s been a lot of fun hearing about his farm, what he plans to do with it and I’m just, like, whatever I can do to help. I wanna be a part of this.

Stowe’s photography business is called Behind Blue Eyes Photography, and is now booking sessions for fall Highland Cow photoshoots. To book a shoot, go to

Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown is a mom of nine who writes columns for many local and national publications. She currently resides in Payson, and enjoys looking for good happenings in her area and sharing them for others to read about. For more of her stories, search "A Mother's Write" on Facebook.

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