It’s time to visit the Twisted Cow in Provo

Moove out of the way Brooker’s and Rockwell Ice Cream, there’s a new champ in town! You herd it here–Twisted Cow ice cream shop just opened in November in downtown Provo, and it clearly outclasses all the other ice cream places in the area. As the local food expert, I’ve been to over a dozen ice cream shops in the area, beloved places like Handel’s, the Creamery, Sub Zero, Bruster’s, and Penguin Bros, just to name a few, so I know the steaks are high, but when I say they are the best, I mean it–they are the BEST!

The owners are some of the moost passionate ice cream makers I’ve ever known and make quality premium flavors ranging from Dulce de Leche using dolce imported from Argentina to an amazing Madagascar vanilla to a decadent White Chocolate Peppermint.

They keep a rotating cattle-log of flavors, meaning each month, there are handmade new ice cream flavors for you to try. They have their classics, like Brown Cow Brownie, Vanilla, Oreo Peanut Butter Cup,  and Banana Pudding, but they also have legendairy seasonal flavors, like the ones they just added last month–Peach, Taro, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Mango, and White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake.

Not only do they do amazing on the premium ice cream front, they also have killer monster shakes! These are perfect for a date night or family activity, since they definitely will take more than one person to take down! Each shake is customized with ice cream flavor, mix-ins, toppings, whipped cream, and even more toppings to go on the outside! Not even a cow on a roller coaster could make this good of a milk shake!

Not only that, but their shakes and ice cream can also be custom-ordered for events like birthdays and weddings! What’s super cool as well is that you can choose your ice cream flavors and even order custom flavors made just for you! In February, they teamed up with Jimmer Fredette and his charity, Jimmerosity to create his favorite flavor–Peanut Butter Oreo–which they named after his charity, and it just might be my favorite flavor.

Don’t trust me, though. You really need to hoof it over there and decide for yourself if this place is worth all the hype (250 N University Ave, Provo). I even love them so much that I asked them if I could put a cowpon in the newspaper as a little “thank you” to you for reading about them so that you can take your family, a friend, or maybe just your keen taste for good ice cream, and GET ONE FREE ice cream when you buy one during your visit. You’re gonna see why their ice cream is, as their motto says, “better than the udders”.

(Coupon Valid through November 17, 2023)

Tim Jafek
Tim Jafek
Tim Jafek is a local foodie working to make the Provo community better through sharing good food and great experiences. Give him a follow on Instagram @provo.local.foodie for his full list of recommendations, photos, and menus. He loves to collaborate with local restaurants.

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