Photographing Fall Colors

We are blessed with some of the best fall colors of any location in the entire nation. Lucky us. The Nebo Loop road has become known in many national publications for a place to be seen for its fall colors. We who live here can witness the splendid colors not far from our front door.

This is the time people get to capture the variety and intensity of colors on the mountains. Whether you use a cell phone or high-end camera and lens I want to offer some composition thoughts. A few wide angle shots showing off the splashes of color that appear are interesting. Try capturing the smaller image of just a few leaves on a branch, or even try and find a perfect shaped leaf. Another thought would be to frame some colors with a tree or limb branch. If the light is right, you can sometimes get the veins of the leaf to standout. Sometimes there is a nice array of color at your feet and all you have to do is look down.

The idea here is to think about “making a picture” not just “snapping a picture”. Think about what you can see in this amazing world we live in. See the little things around you and you will enjoy more. Before long you will want to be taking more and more photos showing off your creativity and the joy of life that you are experience.

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