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What is your definition of holiday tradition? Is it a favorite story, a recipe, or an activity? Serve Daily would like to share your favorite tradition with our reading community.

You are most likely acquainted with the term “open mic.” Our team at Serve Daily recently wondered what the response would be if we asked if our readers would share some of their favorite traditions from around the holidays. 

So here is our call-to-action: We are inviting you to contribute to our entire community of great citizens your favorite holiday tradition. 

If you have a tradition you would like to share, simply submit it via our submit form for Holiday Traditions. Visit

Perhaps your grandmother makes a unique treat for Christmas. Simply write something like, “Every Christmas Eve, my Grandma used to make the best popcorn balls. She used clear Karo syrup and fresh popcorn and then squeezed them into balls almost the size of a baseball. They were a holiday must-have and we always left one out for Santa. Grandma said he always enjoyed them!” 

~Nancy Lou, Utah County

Maybe your family tradition is to cut a fresh tree, assist with a Christmas morning breakfast or assist in preparing Christmas dinner for others. Maybe you participate in some type of “Angel” activity that helps out a challenged family or an individual. Maybe your family has had some fond experience regarding the “Twelve Days of Christmas” tradition. 

There is no right or wrong answer to this request.We would love to hear what others do at this time of year to help wake the Holiday Spirit in all of us. 

Your brief submission may very well inspire others or will likely prompt more warm memories in the minds of our readers. Better yet, it might inspire others to create similar traditions in their own homes.

Can you think of a more valuable gift this season than to jump-start the sometimes foggy memories in our friends and neighbors that helps them to reconnect with their childhood, their families, and their other loved ones or help start new traditions in the younger generation?

Don’t worry about spelling or grammar; we are looking for the spirit of the tradition and we won’t be judging. 

Be mindful that we haven’t tried this before now, so you are encouraged to participate. 

Our deadline to receive your own submission is November 25. Thank you for participating and we look forward to seeing what makes your holidays brighter.

Kevin Jennings
Kevin Jennings
Husband to one - Dad to six - Grandpa to five - Friend and Neighbor to all.

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