Moyamo: Your New Favorite Budget-Friendly Restaurant

Moyamo is a hip new Korean restaurant right next to BYU, over by Wendy’s and Rancheritos. Jay, the owner, has a vision of bringing the flavors of Korean street food to the American palate. From bulgogi hotdogs to Korean-style sandwiches to Korean-inspired sushi, Moyamo has it all.

Jay started his restaurant just this past April, and it quickly has become a new favorite for students and families alike, and this much is apparent when you walk through the door. The food is purposefully priced within student budgets, so even though he could easily increase margins given the general trend of increasing food prices, Jay is adamant in his desire to “serve students, who many times don’t have means to go out a lot”. And looking at the menu confirms this: The menu ranges from the K-Style Toasted Sandwich, which is at the moment just under $5, to the most expensive sushi roll, at just 7.95, and all of his portions are good enough to be a meal on their own. While I do personally expect prices to rise slightly over the next year or two with cost of groceries at an all-time high, Jay does his best to source quality ingredients at affordable prices, sourcing from a number of different wholesalers from Provo to Salt Lake when necessary.

Jay’s approach to the food he makes is unique as well. He grew up watching his mom cook authentic Korean dishes and has added his own flair over time, both in his work as a sushi chef in Florida, and in casual spaces with his friends, where he is often designated “friend group cook”. On his own, he has a lot of fun experimenting with different Korean instant ramens and unique combinations of flavors. In his restaurant, you’ll find anywhere from the chicken katsu dog to a sweet beef bulgogi sushi roll.

All of his sushi rolls are fully cooked and all his food is made to order, so it’s guaranteed to be fresh and a great place to take friends or kids who might want to try sushi or love the appeal of it but aren’t ready for the full raw fish experience. It’s no wonder why at times his store, though just recently opened, has already had a fan following and has had a few times with lines out the door.

Typically though, when I go in, there’s no line, and I get a warm welcome by Jay, who knows basically all his returning customers, and then I get a solid meal at a great price. There’s no wonder why I’ve been over five times in the past month alone!

So whatever you’re looking for– great food, an affordable price, a solid place to eat near BYU, or a familiar eatery with friendly staff, Moyamo is your place to go! Like always, I’ve hooked you up with a coupon for when you go, a buy two get one free so you can try a few different menu items or share some with your family or on a date. It’ll be well worth the journey.

Tim Jafek
Tim Jafek
Tim Jafek is a local foodie working to make the Provo community better through sharing good food and great experiences. Give him a follow on Instagram @provo.local.foodie for his full list of recommendations, photos, and menus. He loves to collaborate with local restaurants.

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